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As Cryptocurrency grows in popularity, and more investment managers open crypto-funds or add crypto-assets to their portfolio, the need to verify the existence and value through audit of these crypto-assets becomes integral to attracting new investors to your fund.

The first things to consider when preparing for your crypto currency audit are that all of the investments and transactions are accurately and completely accounted for. This includes making sure that you have ownership of the assets, that they exist, and that the correct valuation has been used in valuing said assets.

Something to be aware of is that Cryptocurrency confirmations will be different, and in most cases more difficult, than a traditional confirmation that can be had through a securities broker or bank. It is also important for the Administrators of the fund and the fund managers need to have a plan in place for providing assurance as to the existence and valuation of the Cryptocurrency.

For an auditor to issue an unqualified opinion, a fund manager must be able to provide the following:

  • Inflows and outflows are accounted for in a proper manner
  • Realized gains and losses are real and all of them are recorded

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Because this is still a relatively new field, fund managers are looking for an auditing firm that has not just the competency and capability but the experience in performing such an audit. Akram and Associates has performed Cryptocurrency audits for multiple funds, and has the requisite professional experience to perform an audit that can give confidence to fund managers and current and potential investors that the money they are investing is being used properly.

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