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Meeting investor expectations is extremely important, especially in the alternative investment industry. Akram and Associates understands this pressure felt by our clients. Therefore, we believe that reviewing Net Assets Value (“NAV”) and timely Schedule K-1 (“K1”) preparation should not be an added concern for fund managers.

In order to serve this purpose, we leverage our extensive experience and industry-focused tax software to minimize the chance of error, provide flexibility and deliver tax reporting documents in a timely and accurate manner.

We work with you to personalize the accounting and tax services you need:

  1. Review of the Funds' NAV in accordance with Limited Partnership Agreement and Private Placement Memorandum for onshore and offshore funds.

  2. Independent verification of portfolio prices through independent pricing sources, provision of treasury services, and performance of anti-money laundering / know your client ("KYC") procedures for investor's subscriptions and redemptions including FATCA.

  3. Provision of organizational structuring including Fund, General Partner and Investment Advisor entities and assistance to Fund Managers in launching their fund. Calculation of management and incentive fees, maintenance of the fund's financial books and assistance in preparing and filing regulatory reports (Form-PF and Form-PQR) as necessary.

  4. Creation of the Initial fund structuring aimed at minimizing overall tax exposure of the fund and its investors, tax due diligence services, federal, state and international tax reporting, including preparation of Forms K-1s and 1099s, partner tax allocations, obtention and maintenance of W-8BEN, W-9, and W-IMY forms, as appropriate. Non-resident state withholding requirements, annual/quarterly tax projections, responses to taxing authority inquiries, tax audit representation and cost segregation studies. Facilitation of the structuring of like-kind exchanges and ongoing federal, state and international tax consulting services.

  5. Preparation of U.S. and state tax returns, including composite filings for hedge funds, venture capital funds, commodity pools, and other investment vehicles and distribute K1.

  6. Expertise relating to PFICs, Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBAR), Foreign Corporations (Form 5471),  Foreign Partnerships (Form 8865), Foreign Disregarded Entities (Form 8858), as well as related issues including tax analysis for trading strategies to ensure optimum tax benefits, including trader vs. investor planning.

  7. Analysis of mark-to-market elections to assess the appropriate one for your fund (IRC Section 475(f) election).

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